Resident Testimonials

 Stories of recovery from our residents.

“Being a homeless woman in Palm Beach is terrifying enough; not to mention being alone. I was depths of despair, no home, no money, no transportation, and nothing. I was lucky enough to have the clothes on my back. I was beaten on the street, left for dead but I knew I survived for a reason. I stumbled literally upon the Tree of Life. Never heard of it before ever. Upon entering the Tree of Life they said “come as you are” and that’s what I did. I came with nothing. Today I have everything. I found my father again, my God. Earlier, I said I was alone and beaten but today I know I’m not. “O’cast all my anxieties on him because he cares for me.” There is nothing in my life I can’t do in Him, my Father in Heaven. I found hope again according to Isaiah 11:9. “For I know the thoughts I think towards you, says the lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.”


“I left here 3 months ago thought I was going to do good and get a job and make it in the world. I got out and let go of God and went back to my old ways. Doing drugs, partying, and chasing girls. I was walking to St. Ann’s one morning and my bro from Tree of Life stopped in the middle of the road and told me to get in the van. So I get in the van. He brings me back to Tree of Life and I decide to stay again. So now God has put so much joy, happiness, and peace in my life. I enjoy. I prayed for him to take the desire for drugs and alcohol from me and He has. I got no desire for them anymore. I look how crazy people act and the things they do. I been around drugs and alcohol since then but I don’t have any desire for it anymore. I love my new life with God and I will never give up my life for the world. Thank-you God for my new life.”


What Resident's say

The Lord has used my experience at love to teach me more about myself, about His love for His children, and especially the beauty in grace and forgiveness. I’ve learned to trust Him more and to not get bogged down with the evitable trap of sin in daily life. I’m learning how to work with the body of the church and how to overcome obstacles that may arise. I appreciate being in an environment where one can talk about Jesus and listen to insincere believers trying to walk out their faith.


What Resident's say

I always knew I had problems and from an early age I learned to medicate and escape from all the cautious and confusion until my medicating started to create. I went to a Catholic church, when I was young on Sundays. But had to have time believing in Christ because of the dysfunction in my family. How could there? Be a God when there was a mess. I’ve been in nearly 3 rehabs and institution and on a few instances tried to end it all due to hopelessness, lack of faith, and despair. I would go for long stretches. Some times with clean time, gainful employment, and serenity. People respected me and loved my cooking. But something always brought everything to a half and I’d find myself without anything in anybody time and time again! This go around is different. It’s different this time because I have God in my life and I’m learning the way I supposed to live. My last run was horrific. I really didn’t want to live so I tried to kill myself on a daily basis. I was arrested 3 times with 2 felonies and 5 pending Charles together. I knew I had alienated my family and friends and literally gave up. Some kind of ways when I couldn’t go any lower. I started going to bible study in jail and started to have a wee bit of hope. I got out. I went to a program that was Client Directed Outcome Informed (CDOI) lol. I can’t direct anything without the direction of the Holy Spirit. I went back to the streets and quickly to the hospital. In my room, there was a very serene lady and she looked at me and asked me do I believe in Jesus. It didn’t take me but a second to reply yes. Tree of Life picked me up upon release and things have been going up hill since. I started to have hope and faith and started forgiving myself. It’s not easy all the times. But nothing worth having doesn’t come easy unless your guided by the Holy Spirit.


What Resident's say

The one thing I had: free will. Some people see it as self-will-run-riot. I knew God as a child growing up. But some kind way I grew out from him. I never was a finisher of anything I did after that. My job being a dad, schooling, and etc. Everything I did I did on my own strength and I failed in most of it because I was where I ended up on drugs and that led to jail. I came to an end with my last three felonies: my lawyer was trying to help as best as he could but even his hand’s were tied. Someone suggested I go to this faith based program: well I wasn’t to happy  about that suggestion: I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. In a sense, God took my freewill. I ended up here at the Tree of Life: This is where I picked up a relationship with God. God has truly shown me that he loves me. I’ve truly been blessed I don’t have a lot of anything but I have a lot of everything. I am free from drugs. I have a family back in my life. I am not in jail.


What Resident's say

I came here afraid, alone, no friends, no family, and no purpose. I found this place through an older woman that stopped me from jumping of a bridge. My life was over. This woman prayed with me and in turn gave me some hope. That woman and the Tree of Life saved my life. Amanda and the Tree of Life has given me hope by helping me to turn my life around and by bring me back to God. I came here alone now I have God and a family. I came here sad wanting to die, now I am happy and love life and have now reason to live. I came here angry, hurt, and afraid now I have peace and no more anger, no more hurt, and no more pain. I have come for thanks to Amanda and Tree of Life. I still have far to go but at least now live not alone. Thank-you


What Resident's say

How God has help me here at the Tree of Life through prayer so that I could be less disobedient and less self and no sinful thought or condition so that I can’t be a better person with more knowledge not just for worldly ways or self but for God and the son and the Holy Spirit that helps me be more holy or right for God’s glory and hope that I get from being a follower of Jesus. That my perseverance in God give me lot of in yahyshua name pray for a new day.


The Tree of Life: This ministry gave me a chance to start my life over. And delivered me from  alot of crazy thoughts and got me off the streets were I had no family. This church helps me find a real friend that strengthened me from the thoughts of drugs and girls: Once I read the Holy Bible I said there’s no way I’m going to leave this place without receiving the Holy Spirit then I thought that I would look funny trying to be a born Christian or a child of God but it was to late because women were here for the same reason. Now it’s going really well. I’m gaining a lot of love because of this program through the father I plan to serve unto him for now.


I came to the Tree of Life approximately 2 weeks ago without much knowledge of God. I haven’t read the bible and my life felt very empty. I always knew that God and his word was what was missing in my life. In two weeks with the bible studies, prayers and the family, I feel I have a great foundation to build on. I already feel comfortable with my prayers and just simply picking up the bible and turning to a page, any page, and reading it. I feel the emptiness in my life is slowly disappearing. I am at ease with myself. I am very greatful to have found this opportunity to learn about God and to get to know him.


Thank God for being openly welcomed into a place of restoration full of the beautiful and loving spirit of God. The location is serene, hip, and exciting. The structure of the daily schedule is vital in rebuilding my confidence in others and my relationship with Jesus! Our President and Mentor is divinely inspired by God and devoted to saving souls….my spirt has been resurrected and as I practice praying without ceasing, submitting my will to God and developing a unwavering obedience to God my soul will be saved and then I can use my testimony and my knowledge of and love for God to teach and lead others to salvation.


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